Optimize your billing operation
Save time on supervision & training
Opportunities for higher revenues
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Cost Savings

We offer the most robust, cost effective solution for Revenue Cycle Management Services. Our streamlined operations, as well as our proprietary procedures, are the reason our Clients have a higher collection of receivables than the industry average.

Financial Growth

Our Clients have been able to experience a healthier, more consistent cash flow through the services that we provide every month. These services have enabled our Clients to return 100% of their focus to patient care.


The time is now to start benefiting from what Cloud technology can do for your Practice. Let us show you how Cloud technology is safe, exceptionally reliable, extremely convenient and most importantly cost effective.

Circle of Trust

Physician Practices entrust us with their financial wellbeing. We take this responsibility very seriously and are eager to participate in insuring our Clients have the tools and Team in place to run an extremely prosperous Practice.

Results & Evidence

Paid in 30 Days
We collect 80% of our clients' outstanding Insurance Receivables within 30 days of service.
12-18% Increase
We are efficiently able to boost a practice's revenue by 12%-18%.
10+ Years of Loyalty
On average, our clients have been with us for at least 10 years.
Revenue Cycle Management

What makes Custom Medical Services OB/GYN different from other medical billing companies is our proven desire for excellence which results in a consistently high-level of collections. We are able to accomplish this by being well informed about the services you render, up to date coding, and documentation requirements from your payers.

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We provide advanced Practice Management software and Electronic Health Records. Our Gold Standard in Customer Service makes certain we always exceed our Clients expectations.

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