Since being founded in 1983, Custom Medical Services has maintained its unsurpassed reputation of providing an extremely high level of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) collections. Because “CMS does it right”, our involvement equates to a more successful and profitable Practice.

Cost Savings

1456540822_finance_-61We can provide your Practice the opportunity to reduce the cost of sick, personal and vacation pay, as well as eliminate insurance benefit costs that were previously designated to the billing staff. Not only are the Practice’s operational costs reduced, but the space previously designated for billing, can be used to see additional patients and increase revenue for the Practice.

Our RCM Team gets more Insurance claims paid in a shorter amount of time than our competitors.

Our clients pay a billing fee that is based on paid claims only

CMS allows Practices to eliminate their supervision and management of billing staff, which leads to a higher focus on patient treatment and the ability to seek new business opportunities for the Practice. Our clients pay a billing fee that is based on paid claims only. Our Revenue Cycle Management Team has the most recent industry knowledge, regardless of Specialty, when it comes to coding, ICD10 and Electronic Health Records.

Why CMS is unique

1456540940_medical-30Having two certified EHR trainers on staff allows us to not only make our clients’ offices more efficient, but also help them navigate through the different stages of Meaningful Use. We follow all HIPAA guidelines for all of our processes and services that we provide. The owners of CMS are always available to meet and speak with clients. The numerous benefits we are able to provide our clients is what sets Custom Medical Services apart from the competition.