What sets Custom Medical Services OB/GYN (CMS) apart from other Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies is our proven desire for excellence, which results in a consistently high level of collections.

CMS is able to achieve this by understanding the services you render, recognizing the coding and documentation requirements from your payers for those services, being familiar with your Practice’s workflow and more important, establishing a strong line of communication with your staff.

Policies & Procedures

CMS treats all open claims as a top priority until a resolution has been reached.

An important component of our success is the proven and tested RCM policies and procedures we created and is used by all of our Teams. We maximize a Practice’s revenue better than anyone else. Transmitting claims to the Insurance Companies every day is an integral part of what we do.  Working on denials and appeals in a timely manner to insure the Practice’s money is received timely enhances our clients’ cash flow.
Posting all Insurance and Patient payments according to the contracted rate helps assure maximum reimbursements. If money is still owed by Patients after their insurance processes the claim, statements are sent out. Every portion of a “payable reimbursement” is worked until a positive resolution is achieved.

Our Promise

We keep in close communication with each Practice and report any issues related to contracting or reimbursements that could affect the Practice’s revenue. Month End Reports are provided to each Practice on a monthly basis. CMS believes in providing completely transparent reports to our clients that illustrate what monies were collected and billed out during the previous Month, Quarter and Year.

1456863792_finance_-69Always prepared

When staffing turnover occurs at one of our client’s offices, CMS is prepared to train the new staff member (at no charge) allowing for the individual to get up to speed as quickly as possible. This will help keep the Practice’s cash flow very stable.