flagCMS provides Management Services for Hospital-based clients, as well as those clients who may not have a dedicated office staff. We assist with managing payroll, health insurance, 401k plans and malpractice insurance.

Custom Medical Services OB/GYN partners with Credentialing and Contracting companies that assist our clients in obtaining favorable reimbursements from numerous Insurance Carriers for the services they provide. We also assist our clients with their Accounts Payable when desired. Providing these crucial ancillary services in addition to our Revenue Cycle Management services (our core competency), gives our clients the freedom to practice Medicine and leave the remaining back-end business tasks to us.

Our Management Services

  • 401k Plans
    CMS provides the 401K company (selected by the Practice) with the appropriate contribution data on a monthly basis. The company, in turn, allocates the money appropriately in the designated fund(s) selected by each employee.
  • Payroll
    We take the responsibility for collecting bi-weekly or monthly payroll data and work with the designated payroll company to insure funds are timely and accurately deposited into all employees’ accounts.
  • Insurance Coverage
    Custom Medical Services OB/GYN has relationships with several health, dental, life and malpractice insurance agents to guarantee our clients have an array of options.
  • Accounts Payable
    For many years, CMS has been assisting multiple clients with their accounts payable needs. We help ease the burden for our clients by managing some of their accounting tasks.